Geoffrey Miller
"Mac Genius"

This picture appeared in the Power Computing 'Power User' campaign shortly before the end of the Mac clone era.

My background on the Macintosh goes back to 1985. As the TD for Computer Friends, we co-developed with Reed College the very first color paint package for the Apple Mac SE and Mac II, called Modern Artist (remember 32Bit Color QuickDraw?). Our other achievement's brought the first NTSC output and capture cards to the Mac II:
TV Producer and ColorSnap 32.

Relocating to Hollywood from Portland in 1990, I joined up with Mac-n-Stein. Dan and Rachel DiPaola had started Mac-n-Stein to support the Studios and Production Houses. We built monster systems for pre-press and the early digital video markets. We were first to offer a whopping 256MB of RAM on the IIfx (thanks to Newer Technology) and the first to offer remote diagnostics via Timbuktu (over 9600baud modems!).

I've worked for renowned illustrator John Dismukes at Capstone Studios, Walt Disney Studios and Pacific Ocean Post, including a stint as Technical Director for ABC Televisions 'One Saturday Morning' with Peter Hastings. Finally I decided to launch MadCow Studios as a means to promote the Macintosh platform and offer outstanding Macintosh support and services.

In my spare time, I lend my knowledge and support to develop outreach programs in education and local businesses in the Los Angeles area.

Oh. I forgot...I also play Halo way too much.

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Demo Reels & Print Portfolio

My 2D illustration portfolio is available: here

Demo Reel

Showcasing After Effects animation for broadcast and film. Includes work from ABC's 'One Saturday Morning' and a sampling of 2D illustration work. A NTSC VHS version is available.
(if you have problems viewing this, download it here.)

Run time: 3.0 0minutes Size: 12.1MB

How Things Werk: Elevator

How Things Werk was developed by Peter Hastings for ABC's 'One Saturday Morning. As the Technical Director and lead animator, the team I was part of, took this subversive science show to an Emmy nomination.
(if you have problems viewing this, download it here.)
Run time: 1:37 minutes Size: 6.7MB


Sub-3 was a pilot developed for ABC by Peter Hastings. Initial designs & master audio were developed by Tim Maloney. My contribution was Technical Director and lead animator. Sub-3 is a spoof on Japanese Anime styles involving a pizza delivery service that must deliver pizzas in 3 minutes or less.
(if you have problems viewing this, download it here.)
Run time: 3.12 minutes Size: 13.6MB





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