Insights on the MadCow
Or how we ended up where we are today.

MadCow Studios, LLC. was founded in 1995. We've been lurking around with that name though, since 1984 or so.

The Name:
MadCow Studios, interestingly enough, has nothing to do with the bovine disease which happens to share the same name. We have, however, been known to drive our competition mad, so we suppose that there are a few points in common. Geoff, being originally from Oregon [Oh-ree-gone], (which coincidentally, has a lot of cows, many of whom are just plain dumb as a box of rocks) was inspired by the Steve Martin 'Cruel Shoes' story 'Cows in Trouble'. ...After all, you couldn't see their eyes behind the dark glasses.

Macintosh? What about Windows?:
Another good question. We don't do windows. We can however recommend someone to do them for you. This doesn't mean that we won't help you with integrating Macs into a Windows environment. Quite the contrary. We'd love to show you how OS X can run circles around that Dell box sitting next to you.

What else does your company do?:
We do many things, service & support, animation and visual effects. Lots of different things. We're multi-tasking kinda folks. Which makes us such well rounded in our knowledge of production and how to offer our clients great solutions. Stuck? We've been there too, deep in the trenches of production with a killer deadline looming close. Watch us pull a rabbit out of the hat, honest, no tricks ... just superior tools and the knowledge to apply them.

But who are you? Really.:
Okay, I guess it's time to take the wraps off. You can see who's behind those dark glasses by reading about Geoff Miller.

Why are you in California and not Oregon?:
Good question. And one in which we will answer in the fullness of time. However, we will say that we're scouts for the Oregon Tourist Commission to keep an eye on the California migrations to Oregon and to discourage said migrations by keeping the Oregon Deflection Shield® up and running.






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